Factors To Consider When Choosing Dog Fencing

24 June 2021
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Having a furry friend is a big responsibility. You need to ensure the pet's health and security is assured. Installing a fence is one way of ensuring the safety of your pet. With the wide variety of dog fences in the market, any pet owner will find it challenging to choose the right one for their dog. Here are some pointers on choosing dog fencing.


The fence should be high enough to contain the dog. A four-foot fence will not contain a big dog. Therefore, you need to consider the size of your dog. While your dog may not be able to jump the fence, they may try to climb it. Chain-link fences are easier to climb than wooden ones because the dog can get a good grip. Choose a climb-proof fence and don't place anything near the fence that can give the dog a foothold like old furniture.

Remember to invest in quality materials. Dogs are known to chew and bang on poor-quality materials. Materials such as vinyl, composite and sturdy wood will stand the test of time.

Repairs and Maintenance

Strong wind or tree limbs that fall on a dog fence can cause significant damage. With chain-link and wooden fences, you can easily repair the damage without calling a professional. Although metal fences are durable, any damage to these fences requires professional repairs.

Wooden dog fencing requires a lot of maintenance compared to other dog fences. This is because they need to be re-sealed, re-stained and often painted to avoid warping and wood rot. Vinyl fences only need to be cleaned occasionally. For metal fences, you only need to address scratches or rust periodically.


When investing in dog fencing, you may also want to consider aesthetics. You can increase the value of your home by installing a beautiful fence. While chain link fences are durable, they're not an attractive option.

Wooden fences are the ideal option for improving aesthetics. A heavy-duty fence will not only make your yard admirable, but it will also offer a privacy barrier. However, if you want to see beyond your yard, you can invest in a picket fence with tightly spaced pickets.

In Conclusion

When installing a dog fence, it's crucial you work with a professional fencing company for quality fences. A professional fencing company will also guide you on the legal aspects of fencing. For example, you may require a permit if your fence is above 8 feet. A professional fencing service will help you choose a fence based on your dog's specific needs.