4 Useful Tips On How To Maintain Your Iron Fence

29 June 2022
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Since iron is a versatile and durable metal, it offers a strong fortification as an enclosure. Although an iron fence is strong, if not properly serviced, it will wear out due to rust and corrosion, downgrading its strength. Therefore, you must schedule maintenance services to ensure regular inspections, cleaning, and rust removal for a classic and attractive appearance. The following tips will help you keep your iron fence in great shape.

Inspect It Occasionally

It is important to check your fence periodically for potential problems. In addition, if you live in a region with unfavorable weather conditions such as high humidity during the hot months, you should inspect it more regularly. Not only will a fence specialist detect underlying flaws and address them before they escalate, but they will also replace defective areas to guarantee a secure fence. Moreover, after periods of heavy rain, they will look for spots of rust and clear them to prevent further oxidation.

Clean The Fence Properly

Due to the location, the fence is exposed to different environmental elements that may gradually degrade its coating. Rain, snow, ice, and road salt build-up accelerate corrosion, reducing the structure's longevity and appeal. Therefore, you should contact an iron fence service company to regularly brush off rust spots and flakes using warm and soapy water. They will apply a coat of protective wax to prevent road salt and moisture from contacting the fence.

Repaint The Fence

If you scrub rust, dust, and dirt from your fence, you should coat it to provide an extra barrier restricting iron and the oxidizing elements from reacting. An iron fence specialist will prime your fence to apply the paint evenly and smoothly with metal paint that is resistant to rust. Additionally, they will recommend applying the primer and paint coatings in the months that are a bit warmer to allow enough drying time.

Remove Nearby Plants and Vines

Climbing plants give your fence a greener and more attractive look. However, these plants contain moisture that accelerates rust when they come into contact with iron. Moreover, when the vegetation is extensive, it may obscure the view through the fence. Hiring professional iron fence services will ensure that they redirect the vine's growth through wire supports.

A properly maintained iron fence will withstand harsh weather conditions and act as a protective barrier to your property. Therefore, you should employ the services of an iron fence company to regularly maintain your fence for increased longevity and improved aesthetic appeal.